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Are these the best gag gifts we’ve ever seen?  Let’s just say making this list took way more time than it should have because every addition was shared and passed around the office.  The result is a finely crafted and thoroughly vetted list of hilarious gifts guaranteed to get you invited back to your inlaws, improve your reputation at the office, or mend any relationship that might be in trouble.  You’re welcome.

What to get for the jock who has everything! Does he or she spend every waking moment at the gym? Do they have to buy larger shirts just to accommodate their arms? This well made tank top is perfect for starting conversations or just showing off. This is a gag gift that will be used.

Wait. What? Creamed possum in coon fat gravy with sweet potatoes? This gift is perfect for those redneck friends who are missing the country. You will be guaranteed to get laughs if you place this in the gift exchange. Before you grab a can opener, this is a gag gift only, it is not edible. Please be sure to warn your giftee.

Bacon everything? Yes please! Except to vegetarians, bacon is one of the most beloved of smells. This comes with a string for hanging. They can use it to scent their dorm room, car, bathroom, whatever with bacon. Warning: this might make the dog a little crazy.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is  a game for people with a slightly deranged sense of humor. Okay, for a really deranged sense of humor. These are a gag gift that you must be careful gifting or you will end friendships, dissolve marriages and make you the black sheep amongst your peers. On the other hand, the person who is delighted with these is going to become your bestie. Gift wisely.

Before gifting this to your gag gift recipient, you record or rerecord your own message. There is a motion sensor inside of it that gets your point across. Isn’t the bathroom the one place you can expect a little peace? Nope! Not with this installed.

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Your recipient is a golf nut? Do they eat, drink and sleep golf? Show them you understand by making sure they can practice their putting even when they are sitting on the can! Bonus points if there isn’t a man cave bathroom! Just think how happy the wife will be with this installed in the master john!

This is the ideal gift for the multi-tasker in your life! Brew coffee while showering, what could be easier? This is a gift that will have everyone laughing uproariously at the very idea. Just fill the pot and brew coffee as you scrub up. No need to stumble to the kitchen, by the time you are done showering, you can pour a cup before you brush your teeth. Note: This elaborately designed box is empty because sadly, someone didn’t think combining electricity and a shower was a great idea.

I think that it is obvious to everyone that if unicorns did something as crass as farting, they would fart strawberry flavored cotton candy! This is a gift that will get a smile out of everyone. It is perfect for that Pollyanna type in your life. Show them you embrace their rose colored outlook.

Hand me that thumb drive! This is a fun gift to show off your creativity and flair for the slightly off key side of life. Are they old school? Do they insist on calling it a thumb drive instead of flash drive, give them just what they call it. This holds 16 GB of data, more than enough for large files.

Suck what? Lick? These are a funny gag gift for the bachelorette party or to give to the newlyweds before the honeymoon! Help spice up their lives a little or at least make them laugh at the suggestion that playing dice is foreplay.

BigMouth Inc. Fanny Bank Funny Farting Bank

Ever want to tell someone to shove it?  Now you can, while maintaining your innocent look. This bank moons them, and that’s funny enough. The real fun starts when they insert a coin because this bank lets loose with some realistic fart sounds. It will be the life of the party. 3 AAA batteries not included.

Talk about adding insult to injury! These 15 bandages are perfect for showing off their stoic but funny side. Shakespearean insults are renowned for their humor and these come straight out of The Bard’s plays. “Do thou amend thy face and I’ll amend my life” Henry IV, Part 1 is one such example of the fun insults found inside this tin!

The Moon Ring

Nothing sends a message quite like a ring, does it?  While this might not be a ring your loved one keeps in their safe, it is guaranteed to be a topic of conversation for holidays and birthdays to come.



Let them know you care with The Moon Ring.