12 Unique New York Yankees Gifts that True Fans will Love

New York Yankees fans are always looking for to standout with unique New York Yankees items.  These 12 New York Yankees gift ideas are as diverse and interesting as the fans that support them – from shirts to bleacher seats to memorabilia, these gifts embody the legacy behind the pinstripes and we’ve done our best to make sure there is something there for anyone!

New York Yankees fanatics will go crazy over one of the former Captains of the Yankees shirt with his numbers on it.  Thurmond Munson was one of only 3 Yankees to ever be Captain of the New York Yankees.  This is the perfect gift for the loyal New York Yankee fan.

Show off your Yankee pride by showcasing the throwback New York Yankees hat.  This hat showcases the primetime of the New York Yankees best era.  This 1920’s era cap will showcase your loyalty to the Nw York Yankees.

New York Yankee fans will know exactly what these historic plays are that are on these awesome stone coasters.  Give the gift that keeps on giving and will keep you from staining a table.

Yankees vs. Dodgers are always a heated rivalry and especially during the 1963 World Series.  Check out this great metal sign from the 1963 New York Yankees vs LA Dodgers.

These All-Time great Yankees label pins are a great gift for the true Yankee fan.  Instead of wearing just one of the all-time greats, you can wear all of them.

Mariano Rivera is one of the all-time great to play baseball and was introduced into the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame.  Any true Yankee fan would love to have this to be in their Yankee collection.

Action figure make great gifts for the die hard Yankee fans.  This awesome Joe DiMaggio action figure will make any man cave or office desk of a New York Yankee fans.

Another great unique New York Yankee gift for the super fan is having the old Yankee Stadium in bronze.  This will be a great gift for your boss that might be a Yankee fan.

This is a great gift for the Yankee fan that love New York Yankee history.  Here is a great addition to any New York Yankee man cave.  A picture with 3 of the all-time great Yankees.

This New York Yankee street sign is a great unique New York Yankee gift.  Perfect for the entrance to a Yankee fan’s man cave.  Must have for a true Yankees fan.

This is a great gift for even the casual New York Yankee fan.  This can be seen as a cool art piece to hang for any New York fan.

This definitely goes un Unique New York Yankee item.  True Yankee Fans will love to have a piece of the old Yankee Stadium to their collection.  Great gift for true New York Yankee fan.