This year has been a roller coaster of events that no one has expected. With everything that has happened with the pandemic and the multiple disasters this year, now is the time to give gifts and share with the people that you love. Now that more people are working from home than ever before, there are some challenges with working from home. People are having to work in environments that they aren’t used to working in, there’s going to be multiple challenges and adaptations that everyone has had to work through. Distractions, Comfort, and Productivity are challenges we are all facing while working from home. Some may not have even had a home office when they began working from home.

Others may have been working with basic equipment and tools in order to work from home, thinking it would be a temporary work space. Some might have already had their work space at home, but they may need a few upgrades to make the space seem more like them. Either way, everyone is needing some sort of upgrade to their work space this holiday season, and what a better gift to give than something that would help them work more efficiently and have a better time working at home?

I recently had to dedicate a small part of my apartment to being a home office for me while I work from home. I had always had a problem with being productive at home because I was always someone who needed to ‘go somewhere’ to work. But with the pandemic, I decided that it would be best for me to work from home for a while. I searched high and low for items that would help me feel most comfortable while also being productive. I did research on items that will help with productivity and comfort while working from home. And luckily I’m able to share what I found with you today.

Here’s 25 work from home gifts that are sure to be great for any loved one.

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones – These noise reducing headphones will help with canceling any outside noise for up to 30 hours per charge. This would be a great gadget for anyone who has noisy neighbors or who has difficulty dealing with outside noise that cause distraction while working.

2. Under Desk Elliptical – These under desk gadgets are great for people who have trouble sitting still. These under desk elliptical machines allow anyone working at their desk to get a little bit of exercise while they work. I use one all the time when I work. It keeps me focused while also getting the extra energy out.

3. Desk Cup Holder – For those who don’t want to risk knocking over their beverage onto their work station, this is the perfect gift for them. This cup holder provides a specific spot for their beverage and gives peace of mind to those who use it.

4. Standing Desk – Standing desks are wonderful for those who get uncomfortable staying seated for long periods of time. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be able to move around while they work. I particularly like standing desks that can function as both a standing or seated desk.

5. Lap Desk – Another comfort item would be the lap desk. For those who like to have a little more mobility in their work station, a lap desk provides the option to work anywhere in the home while still having the feeling of working at a desk.

6. Rocketbook Smart Notebook – If willing to make the extra investment, this erasable and scannable note book will help anyone breeze through their planning.

7. Bluetooth Wireless Headset – this noise reducing headset is great for those working from home. It is a great gadget for anyone working over the phone while at home. With its small, sleek design is packed with noise cancelling technology and provides beautiful vocal clarity.

8. White Noise Machine – For those who are unable to work in silence, this white noise machine provides 6 different soothing sounds of thunder, ocean, rain, brook, summer night, and of course white noise.

9. Plants – Plants help bring life to an office space, literally. The greenery provides a splash of color while also filling the room with a bit more life. Any home office would benefit from a plant or two.

10. Bamboo Desk Organizer – For those who love to stay organized, this bamboo desk organizer is sure to help. With multiple drawers and shelves, it’s sure to come in handy for desk storage in any office.

11. Beautifully Scented Candle – Candles are another décor item that just brings more life to any home office. This scented candle provides a relaxing lavender aroma that helps calm the mind.

12. Personal Massage Device – We all need to release tension somehow. With this personal massage device, anyone can quickly target those tense areas and quickly get back to the work from home grind.

13. Notebooks and Planners – This customizable notebook has calendar pages along with dotted grid pages. It provides just enough freedom to be creative with planning while also not over-stressing the planning process in the way a dotted journal might.

14. Stylish Pen/Pencil Holder – Almost everyone has a cup on their desk for pens and pencils. These pen and pencil holders are a chic new upgrade to any home office that is sure to lift the spirits of anyone working from home.

15. Desk Footrest – For those who love to have their feet elevated when they work, a desk footrest is a must have when it comes to working from home. A desk footrest provides just enough elevation to provide comfort but not enough to make it feel like you’ve got your feet propped up on an ottoman. It’s a perfect blend between relaxation and productivity.

16. WIFI Extender – With this WIFI extender, anyone is able to extend the range of their home internet to up to 2,000 feet and connects up to 32 devices. This will help anyone who wants to be able to work from anywhere in their home, not just in their office or right next to their router.

17. Stylish Dry Erase Board – Dry erase boards are a staple for many working from home. It’s a great way to keep up with tasks or to-do lists with ease. With this stylish dry erase board and burlap combo will be a hit in any rustic home office.

18. Temperature Control Smart Mug – Any coffee or tea drinker would love this as a gift. With the ability to keep coffee or tea at the perfect temperature through the app your smartphone, this is a must have gift for a coffee or tea drinker who works from home.

19. Wireless Charging Station – With this customizable wireless charging station, anyone is able to charge their apple or android smartphone. And with its sleek design, there’s no need to worry about how it will look on your desk.

20. A Good Webcam – For those having to work through Zoom or other similar means, a good webcam is an essential tool and a perfect gift. This camera provides high quality picture while also providing high quality audio, which is absolutely essential during video meetings.

21. Desktop Water bottle – We all need to stay hydrated, even if we’re at home at a desk. Staying hydrated helps with focus and helps the mind think more clearly. These chic glass water bottles are sure to help keep anyone hydrated while keeping their personal aesthetic.

22. Portable Page Scanner – A portable scanner is something that comes in handy more often than you think. But fear not, this portable scanner is small enough for anyone to take on the go. It’s able to scan just about any flat surface with clear quality. It’s a great product for the home office for sure!

23. Portable Printer – Printers are a staple of any home office. With this printer, anyone will be able to fit their printing needs into their space. It’s able to print at a fast pace while being nearly half the size of normal at home printers.

24. Whole Foods Gift Card – Who doesn’t love a good gift card? A Whole Foods gift card gives anyone the opportunity to try out the Whole Foods brand or get their next round of groceries.

25. A Cool Desk Lamp – Everyone needs light in their office. And those boring desk lamps are nice and all, but this unique, spiral desk lamp is an upgrade that can’t be beat. With three different light settings for warm cool and neutral lighting, this is a gift that anyone would love and be able to use this year.

All of these gifts are lovely for anyone working from home or anyone wanting to upgrade their home office. These gifts are sure to show your loved ones that you put thought into their current life and are willing to help them through this hard time. And once everything is all said and done, they are sure to have a killer home office or work space at home.