Camping is a popular activity for many people around the world, but especially here in the US. As campers ourselves, we know just how much having the right equipment can enhance the experience. So whether you are a camper or not, we’ve compiled a list of some fantastic camping gifts that your friends and family will love! Check out some of our favorites below and make your shopping easier!

Rumple Beer Blanket

Keep the drinks coming with the Rumpl Beer Blanket with its compressible sleeve, it insulates your drinks with its machine-washable fabric that even repels any kind of liquid and stains you might pick up during your camping trip. With its inner-webbing that acts as stirrups for your beer or beverage, it keeps your drink cool and secure for longer. The best part is that it can be quickly folded and packed with you.


Lodge Cast Iron Cleaner

Keep the drinks coming with the Rumpl Beer Blanket with its compressible sleeve, it insulates your drinks with its machine-washable fabric that even repels any kind of liquid and stains you might pick up during your camping trip. With its inner-webbing that acts as stirrups for your beer or beverage, it keeps your drink cool and secure for longer. The best part is that it can be quickly folded and packed with you.

MSR Pocket Rocket Stove Kit

Who says you can’t take your favorite dishes at home and into the wilderness? This 10 piece cooking set allows for worry free cooking for backpackers as it’s compact and leaves little footprint. Its stove is light and can boil water in under 4 minutes, thanks to its safe flame control. You can also keep beverages warm with its insulated mugs.

Portable Solar Shower

Nobody wants to be stinky, even out in the wilderness This product is a portable shower equipped with a long hose for a quick rinse and can heat water up in 3 hours. Just put it in direct sunlight. It can carry 5 gallons of water and won’t rip or snag wherever you choose to hang it.

Roast ‘Em Extendable Rotating Marshmallow Sticks

What’s a camping trip without roasted marshmallows? But won’t a regular twig or skewer be dirty and easily breakable? With this product, you can cook your marshmallows quickly and cleanly, especially with their compact kits and won’t burn thanks to its heavy duty stainless steel body. Cook evenly with its adjustable and rotational form factor.

Pendleon Yakima Camp Blanket

You can’t imagine your camper friend cold out there, right? Get them this blanket generously layered to guarantee warmth. Both rugged and durable, you’re given comfort both indoors and outdoors thanks to its combination of wool and cotton. Useful for a fort or for snoozing in a tent or cabin.

BioLite Rechargeable Head Lamp

If the person you’re gifting is daring enough to explore the wilderness at night, they need a light that won’t budge with fabric that grips his or her head with moisture-wicking technology that keeps skin cool and dry. See clearly with different light intensity settings of up to 330 lumens, dependable, light and rechargeable.

Luci Inflatable Solar Light

Don’t let your friends get stuck in the dark. Give them this light that uses imported polyester material, making it versatile, durable and stylish. You can charge it by USB or expose it to direct sunlight to get 50 hours of light on a single charge. Stay lit with this solar lamp.

Inflatable Lounger

This lounger is designed for staying comfortable out in the wilderness with its slots and pockets for your drinks, games or reading material and its unique headrest design. With its anti deflation technology, it can hold hair for twice as long and requires no pump! Take it everywhere with you in its carrying bag with shoulder strap.

Reusable Food Bags

You can’t just have cooking sets, you need something to store them in on your way to the camp ground. Buy this premium silicone grade reusable 4-piece set. You need not worry about messes or spills in your knapsack because it’s leak proof, non- toxic, eco friendly and dishwasher safe.

Life Straw Water Filter

This product isn’t just for camping, but also for any eventuality, and since water is something you cannot be without, this product can filter 3,000 liters of safe to drink water and removes 99.9% of bacteria and harmful protozoa. Keep your local backpacker safe and get them this useful tool of preparedness.

Portable Camping Multi-tool

A great gift for your survivalist friend or family is this multi-tool with 14 tool parts all in one. It’s sturdy and provides you the feel of the actual individual tools they emulate with the Hyun black stainless steel material it uses. Carry it around in its heavy duty nylon pouch.

Heavy Duty Grill Kit

Don’t sacrifice stability for portability and get both in one package. Cook your steaks sausages by your tent using this kit with its complete kit and accessories. You can bet on its durable non-rust, unbendable and hefty stainless steel material. Take this out to the woods thanks to its portable storage.

Kid’s Camping Journal

Keep your children engrossed in the camping experience with this camping adventures journal that allows them to document their adventures, their findings, activities and stories with its writing prompts. Not only is it interactive but also includes a bonus nature treasure hunt activity. This is an awesome camping gift for young backpackers in training.

LED Camping Light Bulbs

No matter what situation you’re in whether backpacking, hiking, or caught in a storm, you need to be able to announce your presence to your team or just people nearby. With this palm-sized light, you minimize the risk of losing your team or your children in less then ample lighting situation.

Camping Coffee Brewer

Coffee lovers can now enjoy a hot cup of joe with this camping gift. Durable, compact and convenient, you can filter your coffee grounds straight into a ready and waiting cup. You can use your own favorite mug, too since this device clips onto any cup of your choice, so you can go around sharing your morning brew.

Collapsible Tub

Keep your cooking materials or clothes clean with this multipurpose collapsible and foldable dish that brings a washing tub to you. Its non slip, space saving plastic material keeps it steady while you clean up your camp site. If not to clean, use it to ice your beverages if you forget to pack a cooler. with you.

Yahill Collapsible Camp Table

If you plan to take your kids camping but don’t necessarily think they’re ready to rough it, this comfortable outdoor dining set is for you and your family. These come in two different sizes and is of lightweight and portable aluminum. These are easy to put together and are easily cleaned.

Amazon Basics Reclining Camp Chair

Sit around the fire with your buddies and roast some marshmallows without the discomfort of sitting on plain logs or sneaky splinters with this weightless, foldable and portable reclining chair made for campers. With its powder-coated steel, this chair is sturdy and dependable, complete with head rests and contoured arm rests.

Odoland Tent Light Fan

This gadget is portable and with two functionalities in one. Hang this in your tent so you can enjoy the camping experience with a good book, or a card game with the folks. It has a long battery life and different brightness settings that’ll keep the camping site lit the entire night.

Coleman Butane Stove

A perfect camping gift is a portable butane stove for any outdoor situation. Just open its compartment and pop in a butane canister and you’re ready to cook without needing to heft big canisters of gas along on the trip. Reliable, compact and ready to cook, it’s a complete stove downsized.

Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repeller

It’s expected to see critters in the outdoors, but one you want to keep away are mosquitos. This repeller offers 15 foot mosquito protection. Its repellent mats are easy to insert and lasts for 4 hours. You can get so much functionality just on 4 fuel cartridges with 48 hours of on time.

UCO Stormproof Match Kit

Wherever you are, you need to be able to make fire and create warmth in case of emergencies, that’s why this is the best camping gift to give a survivalist. One set has 25 wind and water proof matches with three strikers right on the body of the case. The case itself is waterproof and withstand any situation that may arise.

Lodge 8 Quart Camp Dutch Oven

This versatile camping gift is for easy cooking. You can put it directly into the flames to emulate a hotpot or turn it into a griddle with its lid, where you can place hot coals atop. This cookware is also pre-seasoned with soy based veggie oil, adding to the flavor of your food every time you use it.

2 Person Inflatable Kayak

If you aren’t quite ready for big-league kayaking, this two person kayak is perfect for small bodies of water, has sturdy aluminum oars and adjustable inflatable seats for comfortable adventure. Thanks to its bright colors, you get increased visibility for a safe kayaking experience. This is the perfect camping gift that you can experience with the person you’re giving it to.

Bullfrog Bluetooth Speaker

The party can keep on going even outdoors since this portable Bluetooth speaker is wireless for up to 100 feet and provides you 360 degree sound. It’s rechargeable, has compact design and is water and dust resistant, absolutely the perfect camping gift for outdoor gatherings for you and your camping tribe.

Coleman Quad Pro Lantern

This is another great lighting option for your camping trips. This lantern has 4 magnetic light panels with individual light switches and controls so you can customize its usage. It has a built-in flashlight for extra usefulness, USB chargeable and water resistant, a favorite of backpackers, hikers and campers everywhere.

Nikon Binocular Set

A great item to have whether you’re hiking, camping or hunting are a set of binoculars, What’s more reliable than Nikon’s water proof and fog proof binoculars. You get a complete set of its add-ons and accessories, better serving you out on your wilderness journey. This is a camping gift certainly worth your money.

Camping Mat Seat

This foldable mat can serve multiple purposes for wilderness excursions. Portable, foldable and waterproof, this outdoor seating cushion can be used as a mat for your picnic food or just to protect your clothes from soil or dirt. This is another great camping gift and seating alternative for you and your group.

Hiking Hunter Trekking Poles

If you need additional support when backpacking, hiking or camping, these 100% carbon fiber poles are for you. Light and collapsible, they’re both strong and durable, exactly what you need on your trips. This also comes with a carrier bag and accessory pouches and pockets for easy storage and versatility.

Microfiber Towel Set

This set gives you three compact and fast drying towels of different sizes. Each size and color has a different purpose. They’re lightweight, fast drying and absorbs 4 – 5 times their weight. No need to bring thick, heavy and less reliable regular towels that’ll only weigh you down on your trek.

Sleeping Pad

This sleeping pad enables sleeping and lounging under the stars using its inflatable air support cells. You don’t need to carry a pump with you to use this seeping pad, because all you need are the few breaths in you. It’s easily deflated and pack able, and expands when you need it.

Camping Cookware

Bisgear’s 16-piece cookware set is the perfect camping gift to give those set on trekking the wilderness with a group. The set is comprised of non-stick aluminum pans and folding stainless steel utensils. They even provide you the storage and mesh bags. This is the complete set for all heavy duty outdoor cooking needs.

Leatherman Squirt

Bisgear’s 16-piece cookware set is the perfect camping gift to give those set on trekking the wilderness with a group. The set is comprised of non-stick aluminum pans and folding stainless steel utensils. They even provide you the storage and mesh bags. This is the complete set for all heavy duty outdoor cooking needs.


Jet Boil Zip

This new cooking system utilized FluxRing technology, allowing you to boil your water in only 2 minutes, consuming only half the oil of regular and traditional systems. This includes different accessories to assist in its use in various terrain. Grab one for a friend as a camping gift today, so they can have hot water nearby all the time.


Portable Power Station

If the person or people you’re planning to surprise with a gift is or are techies and they can’t live without electronics plugged in around them, or you just want to make sure all of their camping gear are juiced up, this is the perfect camping gift. It’s a back up lithium battery pack that’s quiet and eco-friendly and even pairs with their solar panel to keep it charged up.

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Coleman Portable Propane Grill

This portable propane grill is foldable, storable and even customizable with grill grates and tops that are interchangeable for whichever cooking style you need at the current moment. Even better, it requires no lighter since it starts up instantly with a single button, a versatile and highly useful camping gift.


Fire Starter Tool

This is a camping gift for the survivalists. Not only will this tool start a fire for you with its tough aluminum and magnesium fire starting rods, it also has mirrored panels, a compass, thermometer, a whistle for emergencies and hex wrenches for whenever you might need it and not have it.


Camping Wine Glass

If the person you’re gifting is planning on a much more laid back experience, give them these wine glasses with permanently engraved designs so they can choose to lay back and watch the actual survivalists work their magic themselves. Choose among a variety of designs for different occasions to make sure it matches with their personality.


Camping Coffee Mug

This double walled stainless steel mugs keep your coffee insulated for far longer than a regular mug. It’s stain proof and unbreakable and even comes with a spill resistant lid, so you can have your hot cup of coffee even while on the move. This is a perfect camping gift for your local coffee addict.


Mystical Fire

Want to make you camp site and your fire pit so much more interesting? Just drop this flame colorant into the open flame and watch as the colors change and vary before your eyes. This is a great camping gift to give to someone unsure about the outdoors to give them something to look forward to.


Sea To Summit X-Set 32

What’s better than a cook set that transforms into easier to carry items after using them? The X-Set, of course This ideal camping gift is a collapsible set of cookware with hard anodized aluminum bases and silicone bodies and supportive silicone handle for storage and better support. Buy a set for a foodie camper.


Therm-A-Rest Air Head Pillow

The camper in your family needs proper neck support for gazing at the stars. They’ll surely love this camping gift as this pillow is compressible but stable but also light an compact for storing it when you’re done with it. The materials are recycled polyester and synthetic insulation so the earth is happy with you, too.


Wood Burning Camp Stove

A wood burning stove and a power bank in one. While you;re googling outdoor recipes and camping gifts, keep your phone powered and plugged in, as this stove utilizes the power from the burning wood into electricity for you phone. If you don’t plan on cooking much, you can still use the open flame to roast a few marshmallows.


The Ultimate Ground Anchor

Lightweight, easy to use and indestructible? Name a better camping gift than than the best stakes made from 100% recycled material to keep your tent steady and stable. It even has multiple tying points where you can hook up your tent’s tethers. This is a camping gift to make the tent set up a whole lot easier.


BioLite Sunlight Solar Powered Lantern

If your camper is a loner, then this is a gift for them, because even loners need light. This personal portable solar charged light provides 100 lumen solar LED lighting, but can also be USB charged. With the 360 degree kick stand, they can enjoy the full RGB color spectrum that they can switch between if they so wish.


Lightweight Hiking Tent

A camping gift for the lovers of solitude is this one person tent that’s weatherproof, waterproof and lightweight. The easiest tent to set up for yourself. Inside, you get great ventilation and its D-shaped door that makes exit and entry a breeze. It even comes with an emergency repair kit should the need arise.