Pet Memorial Gifts to Help Owners Through Pet Loss

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Pets, Religious

Pet memorial gifts are a great way to remember a beloved pet that has passed on. Pet loss is such a horrible thing to go through, furry friends really become a part of the family and you can show your condolences with a symbol of remembrance. The following gifts are very thoughtful and would truly make beautiful items to remember an animal that is no longer here on earth.

This beautiful wind chime includes a pawprint and an emotional poem for somebody to always remember your dog or cat. It should be hung outside and every time it rings, it brings amazing memories with it.

This ceramic photo frame says the quote “No longer by my side, forever in my heart”, and of course includes a spot for you to add a photo of the pet who has passed on. Quite simple in terms of pet memorial gifts but it is very effective and will always be treasured.

This is an absolutely stunning gift to remember a cat who has died and is sure to be something that is appreciated. It is quite simply, a cat silhouette figurine with angel wings. It’s available in two colors and the stone effect would make it a perfect addition to any garden or memorial site.

When owners think of their pets that have passed on, they likely think of coziness and warmth which makes this pawprint blanket the perfect gift. On one side of the blanket contains the quote “pawprints left by you”, finished off with a simple red heart.

This cute remembrance ornament can be hung anywhere, even on a Christmas tree at that special time of year. The high-quality piece is in the shape of a heart with space for you to put a pet’s photo and it also the quote “the paw prints I left within your heart”.

This gorgeous stepping stone would make prided place in a garden or somewhere else where the animal had heaps of fun. It is made really well and includes the words, “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever”.

This is a really nice photo frame for a pet that is no longer around, it has the option for a number of different quotes including “Forever loved”. and “.pawprints in heaven and in my heart.”. There is also the option to add your pet’s collar to this frame which gives a personalized touch and makes the item even more precious for whomever you give it to.

Pawprints left by you is an amazing and poignant poem and it can be found on this gift on one side, with the option to add a photo on the other side. This is easy to display anywhere by folding the frame or it can even be hung on the wall because there are brackets on the back.

Go for something a little different with this handcrafted lantern, which is both great for decoration and just burning a candle as a little memorial. The beautiful words on the lantern read “You were such a great companion constant, loyal and true. My heart will always wear the paw prints left by you.” and a flickering LED candle is also included.

A memorial stone like this one is designed to sit outside, reminding you of your pet whenever you see it, the stone could also be put on the pet’s grave. It is in the shape of a heart with the words, “Gone yet not forgotten, although we are apart, your spirit lives within us, forever in our hearts“.

Somebody can wear the memory of their dog on them forever with this stunning bracelet. It is stainless steel, with the inside saying “once by my side, forever in my heart” and the outside can be engraved with the pet’s name, complete with a sweet little paw print.

Some people struggle so hard with the loss of a pet, it is a sad time and this is why this book has made a place on the best pet memorial gifts. It is all about healing after the loss of a pet from somebody who knows how it feels and it also includes lots of practical advice that can be extremely beneficial.

This gorgeous lava bead bracelet has a really amazing message and it’s a piece of jewelry that is going to be treasured. There are 7 rainbow beads and they actually signify a rainbow bridge, which is where pets who have died wait for a reunion with their owners.

This is a simple but sweet gift that will allow somebody to keep their pet with them at all times. It is a keychain which has space for a photo of the pet, a paw print charm and also a charm that says “you are always in my heart”.

This is a book that tells a beautiful story but one that does end in sadness. It is a story that especially younger people can read to learn to deal with the loss of an animal. This is a practical item to give when you are looking for pet memorial gifts.

This is a super pretty pet memorial candle that has up to 60 hours of burn time. It is eco-friendly, has a beautiful smell and is designed really well in order to remember all kinds of animals that have passed to the other side.

This is another amazing book about pet loss and would be a great idea for a gift for those who like to read. It is called “losing my best friend” and it includes relevant information and more from somebody who has actually experienced the pain.

This memorial picture frame is an ideal token of both remembrance and memories towards an animal that is now gone. There is space for a photo of the pet and there is also a beautiful poem called “when tomorrow starts without me”.

This is a memorial garden stake which will always be a reminder of a missed pet and all the good times they brought with them. It is made from iron and can be personalized to include the name of your pet and the years that they were with you.