Hilarious… but Practical Office Gag Gifts

Ahh, the life of a 9-5er, will it ever get old?  Luckily, with the help of these office gag gifts, the answer is clearly NO.  No matter if you’re trying to create a stir during your White Elephant exchange or just want to send your co-worker a message, there is something in here for everyone that has ever stressed over a deadline, sworn at the copy machine, or survived for days on just coffee.

Everyone has a slob in their office. There is always one person who eats at their desk, leaving crumbs in the keyboard, across their desk and in a circle around their desk chair. This is the perfect size for a cubicle, it has attachments to help clean up. (Not that the slob will do it, but this will at least drop the hint that everyone has noticed he thinks the cubicle comes with hourly maid service.)

Let your coworker know that everyone considers him or her to be a ticking time bomb. You know, that one person who thrives on drama and everyone walks on eggshells around? This mug will allow you to show that you bow down to their leadership.

Nothing better than a zen moment with a mini sandbox. Build a tiny sand castle, rake the sand, picture yourself lounging on some beach, somewhere instead of being in the office trying to crunch numbers and meet deadlines. This is the perfect gift for that stressed, workaholic coworker. They will never take a vacation because they are married to the office. Give them a tiny vacation in a box. It’s the closest they are ever going to come to a real vacation.

Made from plaster and cement, this magnetic fist will hold pens, and general desk utensils. It has a place to drop their paperclips to keep them neat and tidy. Bonus, it’s a fist to remind everyone that each day at work is a fight for survival. The last person standing wins the game or rather, the promotion.

Just when you think someone can’t be any more stupid, another idiot comes along to prove that theory wrong. Be sure that you have checked and double-checked everything so that the one person in the office who manages to get everything wrong, can’t screw this one up. Instead of stamping papers, stamp the idiot’s forehead. This way you know which people are not able to complete any task without messing it up.

Like a Magic 8 ball, this can help take the decision making out of deciding. Give it a spin and follow what it says. This is great for the coworker who takes half an hour to make a decision. Train them to accept whatever the decision maker suggests and everyone will have a much smoother time at the office.

There is always one coworker who seems to live in the bathroom. This will make sure they know that everyone has noticed they prefer the toilet stall to their cubicle. Make them feel more at ease in their cubicle.

Perfect gift for the know it all type at the office. Bow down to their genius with this tribute paper clip holder to Einstein. It is the ultimate gift for all self-proclaimed nerds and geeks. They know the answer, and are always right. (Even when they don’t have a clue and their answer was wrong, you won’t be able to convince them.)

Dead Fred is happy(?) to hold your heartbroken coworker’s pen or pencil. They can stab him in the heart with gusto to release the pent up aggression and heartache they are feeling. Voodoo spells not included.


Mummy Mike will be happy to hold their rubber bands until they need them. Use him to create works of art by arranging the rubber bands in a creative fashion. Your artist coworker will be delighted with a gift that can help them relax as they wind rubber bands around Mike. You can also keep an eye on their mood by monitoring Mike. Does it appear that he has been strangled? If all the rubber bands are around his throat, you might want to suggest a visit to the therapist to assist with working out the anger.