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Got a need for speed or just want to record some awesome aerial footage?  Any one of these drones will have your family begging to fly, your friends jealous at such an awesome toy, and your kids jealous that you won’t let them try!

Such a great drone. You can have a fantastic time buzzing your friends with the joy stick that is easy to use. Want to look into the dark corners of the swamp? Use this to go where you don’t dare to go alone.

This drone can do all the things that would make you vomit if you were on board. Flips, spins, it’s all here. There is a light to help you see at night while you are flying it! Night vision and a drone? Score!

This is a compact drone at 5.90 x 5.50 x 3.14 inches but it is full of extra features. This little drone can maneuver like a dream. The remote that is included is designed to prevent interference. It has four channels to keep you from interfering with other drones or having yours interfered with. The joy stick controller can be used by lefties in mode 2.


It can flip, back flip, spin 360 degrees, turn, fly sideways or forward, plus fly with a wing flap. It is easily controlled with a little practice. This drone is even able to be used for night flights, it has a light. There is a key for return function included.

This drone flies like a charm. It has many different modes. There are four channels on the remote so there is less interference from all your neighbors who are flying their own drones.


This drone has a 100 meter distance range. It can be flown for night or day flying. It is a larger drone at 16.0 x 14.0 x 5.9inch. This means it’s a lot more fun than those tiny micro-drones.


Be aware that this handy little drone is designed to be flown, not driven on the ground. Those “wheels” are actually little bumpers to keep the rotor blades from damaging your plants when you buzz them. Yes, we know it looks like a cool space car, but sadly, it can’t be used on the ground as well as the sky.

This is like an orange and black beetle. It can take off straight up in the air so don’t stand over it to check if it’s working. (We aren’t admitting to having been hit in the face with it, of course.)

This is a compact mini drone that packs a punch. It is easy to control and a lot of fun to fly. It sounds like a large beetle buzzing and the colors add to the look. There is a camera on board for real time video of the people you prank with it. Just imagine watching someone screaming in horror and swatting at this drone because they are afraid of bugs! Can you say viral Youtube?

Every time we turn around, the drone makers invent new and innovative rotor covers. This drone is unique! The rotor blade covers are designed to keep you from sticking your fingers into the spinning blade. Granted, you probably won’t lose a finger but you would have a bruise from them.

It has little red feet that are supposed to make for a softer landing when it touches down. These won’t matter at first. Learning to control a drone is not for the faint of heart. Expect to bounce this thing off the ground the first few times. Wait! On second thought, those are roll bars, not finger guards! Duh!

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This helicopter has four channels and a short 30 minute recharging time. It has an overall flight time of around 12 minutes. It is four channels to help keep interference to a minimum. 12 minutes of running time and 30 minutes recharging? It takes a lot of power to keep one of these drones in the air! Buy some extra batteries is the only option if you want to fly more than you sit waiting for the batteries to charge!

This is a small drone that works very well. There are guards to keep the rotors safer from bumps and spills. This is not quite a micro drone, more of a mini. It is a little larger than the palm of an average sized hand. It is easy enough to learn how to fly it, but you must have hand eye coordination!

This drone comes with two batteries so you can charge one and use the other. The drone is equipped with an led screen remote. The drone is a highly acrobatic. It can spin, flip, move fast around turns, etc. There is a 0.3MP HD FPV camera with 2GB TF card so you can shoot pictures and videos with ease. This drone will be dancing all across the sky, amazing your friends with the tricks you have taught it.


The guards around the rotors help protect against bumps and damage. It takes around 90 minutes to fully charge and offers 5-7 minutes of indoor or outdoor flight time. No, that is not a typo. These drone batteries can require a really long charging time.


It’s white so you can find it in the bushes more easily after you crash it.

This is a classy looking drone that is a breeze to fly. The 2.1 megapixel camera means you can get real time video or snapshots while flying or hovering. This drone is light and easy to fly. You can save the photos or video to a data card, then download them and edit them while the drone is taking 150 minutes to recharge.

Just think of all the fun you can have editing photos and video while the battery recharges. Maybe make a video with your cell phone about how bored you are sitting waiting for the battery to recharge. Better yet, use the charging time to invent a battery that holds a decent charge and doesn’t take a century to charge!

The joy stick on this drone has an instant return key. This means the drone will come speeding back towards you like a homing pigeon. Be prepared to duck if your piloting skills are not up to snuff!

This drone is bright white. It will collect dust and fly like a charm once you master the art of using both hands to do a different task. Better yet, hand it to your teen, they have the hand eye coordination required to fly it!

Warriors sound fierce don’t they? These drones are tiny warriors that can leave a bruise if you fly them into someone. (Don’t do this, it’s assault.)


The drone comes in a choice of two colors, and it is an extra fun toy. The rotor guards help keep it in the air but don’t do much to protect the china if you fly it towards the whatnot shelf! If you practice indoors, find a room with nothing that is easily broken. Navigating a drone for the first few times can be an adventure and a tragedy as things get broken after you crash into them.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… well, we aren’t really sure exactly what this is, but it looks like it will cause mayhem! It is a little drone like and a little vehicle like. Whatever it does, it’s going to make you smile trying to learn to control it!


It comes with a joystick and the battery. It has a long charging time, but that’s okay, it gives you enough time to calm down the screaming wife who is furious that you just broke her priceless vase. (Honestly, what did she have that ugly thing for anyway? You were doing her a favor.)

This has lights and action. From what we can tell, it lifts off by being tossed gently like a Frisbee. A flashy Frisbee? Awesome but don’t let your dog catch this one, those rotor blades can hurt, even with the guards.


This has a basic joystick that is easier to use than the more sophisticated ones. You will spend countless hours of fun playing with this inexpensive drone. This is an innovative design that flies in a much different manner than most drones. If you have mastered the other drones, or think that the regular quad copters look boring, this is the one for you!