No matter if you’re looking to impress your kids, become the parent of the year, or just out do your significant other, these Bluetooth accessories for kids will do the trick.  Make sure they can hear their music clearly, get inspired with a DIY project, or just track their activity with ease and the help of these gifts!

This is a small but mighty speaker. It can be easily tossed in a backpack or pocket. Amazing sound from a speaker that is smaller than a paperback book, means it can go wherever your kids go. A range of colors means there is sure to be one that matches your kid’s personality.

Aromatherapy and essential oils are the new way to a healthy lifestyle. A cool mist humidifier and a diffuser at the same time, you can use this to scent the air or just use it to keep dry air away. It doubles as a night light and can be set to change colors or stay on your child’s favorite. This can be easily controlled using your phone.

Build it yourself means that your child has fun learning how the inside of a speaker works. With help from mom, dad or even an older sibling, this can be a great project. This is intended for those 8 and up. It includes an app for Apple iOS that has directions. What a great bonding experience for a child, to build something that functions.

This connects to either Android or iOS for good pictures from up to 60 feet away. It comes with a remote control. It can be clipped to a backpack, belt loop or a bag. This is an excellent option for those younger shutterbugs.


Surround sound built into a water bottle? Now you can ensure that your kids will stay hydrated while at the skatepark or while studying. This speaker is water resistant so it’s not a problem that it is connected to a water bottle!


Up to 12 hours of music and it has a rechargeable battery! Your kids will be able to transport this with them everywhere they go by clipping it onto their belt loop, backpack, tucking it in a purse. It easily charges via USB when it finally runs out of juice.

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker


Clip it on and go. This tracker will record their steps, distance and calories burned. Everyone needs to exercise more and kids are no exception. Help them make sure that they are doing more than becoming anchored to the sofa while not at school. Teaching healthy habits while young will pay off.


3.0 Bluetooth technology will connect easily to their phone or tablet. This sticks on the wall of the shower or even the mirror using a suction cup. It included hands free speakerphone, but you should teach them that talking on the phone while in the shower is not really an appropriate thing, and to reserve using the speakerphone for other times when using it. It is tiny and can go where they go.


This has many features, including a mic with a PA system, an AM/FM radio, and it can even charge their cell phone via USB. This is great for the budding DJ or have them use it to announce items for sale at your garage sale.


This is for the kid in all of us. A Pokemon GO bracelet that will begin to vibrate and blink when there is a Pokemon stop close. Be alerted so you catch the latest Pokemon gear before someone else does. This automatically adds any found items to your inventory.


Easy to use kid sized Bluetooth headphones! These are designed to fit better than adult or teenager headphones, and the comfort means that your child will wear them, and not toss them in a heap of “unloved” stuff. The over the ear design will allow their tunes to be played at a lower volume to help protect their ears.


Kids, they wander off. They forget their stuff. They lose their stuff. Now, you can help them keep track of their stuff. If they begin to leave the house, school yard or park without their things, they will get a warning beep. Likewise, if you clipped this to a toddler, you would never lose them in a store again. They can’t get too far before you are warned that they stopped to look at something or wandered under a clothes rack.


More cowbell? This has it! A portable speaker that is splash proof so it is safe to use around the pool or at the beach. Your child might not appreciate the smooth sleek lines of this speaker, but you will. It pairs easily with their phone or tablet to play music or even read aloud to them.