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13 Gifts for a Photographer Under $100

Is there someone in your life that loves documenting every waking moment?  Are you looking for a new photography toy or gadget for the holiday?  These gifts for photographers are sure to be a with professionals and amateurs alike, so start browsing because the sooner you pick something the sooner you can photograph the unwrapping!

What is a macro light ring? It is for shooting items up close. If your photographer giftee does close up photography, this will be a welcome gift. If you aren’t a photographer, you might not understand what happens when a regular flash is used up close, but your aficionado will.

This is for up close shooting. It is the perfect size for photographing smaller objects without odd shadow. The light tent will ensure that even the smallest of details will be shown off as opposed to being hidden in the shadows. Crisp, clear pictures will be easy to take as the flash reflects off all sides of the item.

This would be a great gift for a person who loves to snorkel or dive to depths of under 16 feet (5 meters). This is a very flexible bag that has two different seals to help ensure that the camera stays dry. All of the controls on the camera will be accessible. It’s lightweight and small enough to tuck in a camera bag or even a pocket.

Made from a durable canvas material, this is the right size to hold all their gear, even their tripod! The inside has adjustable padded cubby holes to hold cameras, lenses, etc… Carrying it like a backpack makes it easy to for them to tote their gear. This is one gift your friend will enjoy.

Does your gift recipient take photos of many small objects? This innovative table will help them take stunning photos every time. There is a black and a white table top included, along with four magnetic legs. It takes under a minute to change table tops so they can photograph their items on the correctly contrasted background. Both table tops are designed to reflect light so there are no excuses for not taking great pictures every time!

This looks a lot like an add on flash, but it is much better than that! Your gift recipient will thank you over and over again. A speedlight/speedlite is as important to the camera as interchangeable lenses. It can add fill in flash, help stop red eye, and light up a further distance than the flash that comes with the camera. The angle of the flash can be adjusted in several different ways, making sure the light is perfect.  Shooting like a pro means having the right tools and at less than $100, this is a great accessory.

Need stability for shooting? This can be used a tripod or easily detach the monopod leg. Both ways have their advantages. This one is light enough to carry easily, and sturdy enough that you won’t be afraid a strong breeze will send a cherished camera crashing to the ground.

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Need a lot of shots from slightly different angles? Need to zoom in even closer, or ?? This slider holds your camera and you can then move it along the track as needed in a very smooth motion thanks to the ball bearings. This can be attached to a tripod, placed on a table or the ground, it’s up to you to decide what you need. It works as well with still photography as it does with video and will hold up to 15 pounds.

Most of today’s cameras have a built in microphone for shooting home movies. But to shoot real video, you need a real condenser stereo microphone. If your photographer gift recipient loves to shoot movies, this is the way to take those movies to the next level with high quality sound.

It is a given that if you need the perfect light for photography, you must make it yourself or wait for the exact moment that the universe complies with your needs. With this, you can perfect light yourself without relying on nature. The light is reflected in a way that resembles the perfect daylight situation, even when you are in a room with no window. Comes with everything needed to replicate the ideal situation, including a handy carrying case, including two styles of umbrellas, two umbrella stands, light kits, power packs, etc.

Fotasy DFKit Universal Speedlite Color Filter Kit

12 different gel colored filters easily attach to your speedlite using a rubber band or Velcro. You can change the mood of the photograph by changing the color. These can be stacked on top of each other for even more effects. Use to soften a room, diffuse the light, correct color, change skin tone, etc.. Includes a pocket to store the colored gel filters inside.

To properly set up the perfect photoshoot, you need different light reflectors. This set gives a choice of white, gold, silver, black, and translucent. Each color has a use, brighten the scene, deflect a bright light, change skin tone, fill in shadows, etc.. These come in their own zippered carry case and are light weight enough to take with you. This is a great set at a reasonable price, you will be thanked for this gift every time they use it.

Two 83” umbrellas stands to help you take fantastic photos in a studio type setting. These umbrellas are white translucent and will provide a neutral light. There is also a 31” tabletop stand included with a light pack and bulb. (3)45w incandescent bulbs are included that are equal to 200w output/5500K brightness.  Everything comes in a handy carry case, including a case that keeps the bulbs safe during transport.