34 Deliciously Practical Gifts for Bakers

There aren’t too many things better than cooking for the ones you love or being served a dish that someone took the time to make personally.  These 34 practical gifts for bakers will make it easy for you to show off your culinary skills, demonstrate your appreciation for a chef in your family, or simply fill out your kitchen even further.  From cakes to omelets, these gifts have you covered!

These have nothing to do with elections but you can be sure they’ll help your baker create masterpieces that will be the topics of discussion for a long time to come.

Made from solid beech wood, this personalized mixing spoon will the broth simmering and come out looking like a true champion. Its excellent packaging and smoothness are also more positives.

This is for your baking genius to show off during the summer bake sales. Available in many colours and made of 100% cotton for a comfortable feel.

What’s a cake without icing and what’s icing without the lovely decorations that this set of tools can produce. It also comes with frosting bags and in a gift box. This tip set is perfect for bakers of all ages.

These colorful spatulas will delve into any boiling mixture and come out looking beautiful as ever. For the baker that has a colorful sense of style, it’s perfect for as a birthday or just-because gift.

“Keep Calm and Bake On” Funny Black Apron

Life is easier when there’s a bagel or doughnut to bite into for all your worries. Why fret when you can rather bake on? Perfect for the lively baker who doesn’t have a care in the world.

These cute lovely babies do not even take a lot of space. They are very ergonomic and stay together and so are quite easy to store. If you’re bored, you can have a Russian tea party with them. Made of long lasting polystyrene, they are a wonderful addition to any baker’s kitchen.

Bakers are touted to be some of the smartest artisans in history, very creative too. Adorn your loved one in this 100% cotton shirt that’s proudly proclaims his/her skills and acumen.

Is someone you love just starting to bake, this is the one gift to rule them all. Everything a budding and even experienced baker needs and more. It comes in an attractive gift box and even as an e-book with the latest tips and tricks.

These will not make a good night rest but the cookies will keep the family happy. The bonus ebook makes it a great bargain of a gift that will be appreciated and treasured with each use.

As tempted as we are to move pastries from the oven to the mouth, common sense rules otherwise. This cooling rack holds most sizes of baking trays and even oven stones. It is easy to store and works with most kitchens and pastries.

This decoration kit is the gift that will take your baker from great to amazing. Ideal for sugarcraft, icing and all types of cake decoration, every baker needs one of these.

The devil, they say is in the details. This set of measuring spoons will tell your rations right every time. They are available in a wide range of colors and will add life to any dour baker’s world.

You don’t need to go to Moscow for the perfect baking gift. This aluminum set holds the key to creating baking marvels. They’re made of stainless steel and dishwasher safe. This is an ideal graduation or wedding gift for a baker and a friend.

This luxury knife gift set will make the breaking of bread a memorable experience. It has everything you need to operate on loaves like a skilled surgeon. Best part is the 100% satisfaction lifetime warranty.

Having a high-quality equipment bag is a must-have for any baker. Give the gift of portability to the baker in your life and feel proud when they step out looking like 3 Michelin stars. This holds everything from uniforms to tools, it’s the baker’s briefcase.

These fun rollers come in great designs that are perfect for rolling cookie dough and chasing naughty little kids out of the kitchen. Did I mention they’re made of hardwood birch wood and so might probably last forever?

Bakers also have their own spirit animals and theirs is fun, sweet and sometimes chocolaty. Perfect for summer do’s and birthday bashes.

This gift set will leave every baker on your gift list shrieking with delight. It contains baking essentials that come in a lovely oven mitt, all ready for instant use in the bakery. Highly recommended for bakers on the go who may have lost a few of their tools. This also serves as a good set of extras.

These make the perfect bags for giving out cookies and other baked treats. Ideal for weddings, Valentine’s day and other purposes.

This 10” long roller is made of natural marble, it is elegant and would fit very nicely when used on a granite counter-top. It’s a luxury gift for that discerning baker you owe a Christmas gift from the winter of 1980. This more than makes up for the delay.

This excellent collection of gifts comes with eight essential bakers’ items. It is suitable for the baking or cooking lover in your life. The basket can also be used to hold fruits and other items in the kitchen.

These vibrantly colorful set of spatulas are built to last. They also come in different sizes that are suited for many different purposes from stirring syrup to scrambling eggs.

This is perfect for the male culinary hobbyist in your family for Father’s Day or birthdays. It is an excellent addition to any grill set. It is elegant and classy with beech wood handles and a silicone finish. Also, recommended for bosses and business partners.

This humor T-shirt is a great Mother’s Day present for your mother, girlfriend or live-in lover of twenty years. This is an awesome way to show that her cookies are nice and you love her for them.

This Apron is made from cotton and fits all sizes. The Jewish inscription is handmade and it is also machine washable. It says, ‘Made in Jerusalem’ but we are not swearing by that. There are rumors that gentiles were involved in the shipping.

This apron is soft and fits all sizes. It works either as a serving apron, baking apron or cleaning apron. In fact, it fits most home scenarios and even the occasional costume party. Just don’t wear it to the PTA End of Year dinner gala.

Bakers have been known to use the sweet smell of their wares to lure innocent children and adults into indulgence and submission. Gift this to the bakers in your life so that they know you know they’re not just everyday humans. It’s made with ceramic, won’t fade and very durable.

Every girl loves jewelery and this 6-charm set is not exempted. It fits most of the major brand bracelets and proudly identifies you as a baker of repute. Comes in a velvet pouch for easy storage.

This black apron looks like it came right out of a Grace Kelly kitchen scene. It’s classic, vintage and for that baker that loves the finer things of life. 100% organic cotton, it is soft and has lovely pockets in front for keeping things.

This is a nice gift for all bakers as it comes in sizes for all sexes. This nice tee comes in many colors to match your kitchen gadgets. It’s 100% cotton and will not make you sweat after a long day of baking.

A Spatula to rule them all! This will survive the fires of Mordor and the infernos of your kitchen oven are no match for it. The head is also stain-proof to make cleaning up much easier after a hard day’s work.

This is the clothing of choice for the baking dad. Cookies made by dad are the best because of their generous measures of testosterone. Great for the kitchen, barbecue grill and outdoor gazebo.

This nifty citrus squeezer is designed in an attractive may and helps you add citrus parts to your cooking efficiently. Awesome for cheese, chocolate shavings and spices too. It also comes with a free e-book and an attractive packaging.