33 Gifts for Grandpa Guaranteed to Make You His Favorite Grandchild

Finding gifts for grandpa is no joke – not only are you often competing against the rest of your family for the best gift, but you’re trying to find something for a guy who has had decades to collect stuff.  While it’s not exactly a case of ‘what to get the guy who has everything,’ you’ve got to be much more selective than usual.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of awesome presents for gramps that range from garden tools to witty t-shirts.  Even if your grandpa is a homebody like mine, we found a sweet organizer with his name on it.  So get out there and make a name for yourself as a top gift giver in your family – these 33 gifts for grandpa are sure to win you some brownie points!

Grandpas are famous for their knowledge of the best ways to cause mischief before the advent of the internet and cable TV shows dedicated to mischief-making. Here’s a fun way to remind Grandpa that his knowledge is appreciated and being put to good use.

I used to think my grandpa was part of the Mission to Mars in the 1980’s, the one that NASA refuses to acknowledge ever happened. This tee-shirt is a monument to your grandpa’s awesomeness over the years and the numerous times he’s been the family hero. It’s also light and comfortable, perfect for summer adventures.

Here is the perfect mug for your grandpa to drink his super-secret superhero potion from. This hand-painted porcelain mug has a wide base for stability and is immune to microwaves and dishwashers, which makes it a perfect complement for the superhero in your life.

This black cotton tee-shirt commands respect from Los Angeles to Sicily because being a grandfather is a pretty big deal. This fleece shirt is super-warm and 100% cotton, a great outfit for camp nights out and hikes with the grandkids.

This classic frame is built to keep your most precious memories evergreen. It has spaces for three pictures that represent important moments in your family. You can even include an optional plaque which will contain engraved words. This thoughtful frame is a forever gift for your gramps.

Strictly an indoor parking sign for the greatest Grandpa of all times. This metal 8 by 12 sign is a constant reminder to your beloved grandpa that there’s always room for him in your heart and car park.

This 100% cotton round-necked tee-shirt proudly proclaims your granddad’s role as your spoiler-in-chief. Buy him this tee-shirt and watch the spoiling go up another notch! Win-win situation.

Experience, charisma, ability to manage difficult situations, ability to deal with bullies, success career and family life, awesome grandchildren who buy him cool manifesto mugs… Vote for Grandpa!

This grandpa engraved metal pen is an awesome gift idea for Christmas, birthdays and Father’s Day. This gift is for gift wrapping and putting a smile on your grandpa’s face. The best part about this pen is that it is refillable and great for signing grandchildren allowance cheques.

This durable ceramic mug is a wonderful idea for an anniversary, birthday, graduation or just-because gift for your grandfather, father-in-law and even your boss. This cup is microwave and dishwasher safe and lets your grandpa know that his journey so far is appreciated.

This unique gift is for the barbeque-loving man in your life. This great quality, heavy duty spatula is made from premium aluminum with the lettering cut in laser. The piece de resistance is the nifty bottle opener at the bottom for the cold beer to keep calm and grill.

Grandpas should not be bending too much and this magnetic pickup tool is poised to help reduce injuries and lost items. It comes with a bright LED to light up the hooks and crevices of your garage or work area to find items in tight, hard-to-reach corners.

Grandpa has the most experience of grilling the best BBQ for family getaways. This collection of five useful grill materials is perfect for manning the grill in the summer. Gift your grandpa the best tools of the trade and sit back and enjoy the tasty grills made lovingly with years of experience.

If Grandpa were MacGyver, this gift would be all he needs on his next deployment to infiltrate North Korea. Since he’s just your loving grandpa, this would do nicely for all the handyman duties and much more. Made of nearly unbreakable materials, it come with a limited lifetime warranty and is sure to be passed on from generation to generation.

This emergency power flashlight is the best companion during blackouts. Because it is powered by sunlight and energy, it is always ready for service. It can be clipped on and is great for camping and backpacking.

Buy this three-piece grilling set for your grandpa and see his love for grilling awesome ribs for you grow even further. This gift is guaranteed to make your family summer cookouts even more delightful.

This amazing magnifier is made with shatterproof acrylic lens that will stand the test of time. Ideal for long term reading and will help maintain your grandfather’s sights. It is also light enough not to be a burden when used for long.

Help your grandpa feed the hunger for literary adventure at any time of the day with this incredibly slim and light book light. Designed to last through the largest encyclopaedias, this little light will shine through the conquest of Rome and “How to Spoil a Caring Grandchild” reading sessions at the book club.

Having a pesky light indicator on the car’s dashboard can be very annoying. This handy diagnostic scanner saves you from the guesswork of not knowing what the problem is. The AD310 scanner has a big legible, well-lit screen that makes it easy to read out any result.

LOYMR Car Safety Antiskid Hammer & Seatbelt Cutter

Having the LOYMR car escape tool may be the difference between life and death. The 2-piece security kit is only called upon in terms of emergency. Better to have it and not use it than to need it and not have it.

Everything you would ever need for most every-day home repairs are found in this kit. It is ideal for your hands-on grandpa to provide utility and versatility in one single gift-wrapped toolbox. One of the best money gifts money can buy for your grandpa.

Having a pressure gauge during a long trip can be a lifesaver to prevent tire blowouts. Travel safe and sound with this in your trunk. The tool is a perfect gift for the travelling grandparent who still wants to see the world.

Road emergencies can be a pain and in the absence of AAA, the 42-piece emergency road kit is everything you need to be prepared for a flat tire or engine issues. It also contains first aid items for minor bumps and bruises.

For the exceptional gleam on your grandpa’s car, the complete car kit is the real deal for putting the shine back in your grandpa’s classic Mustang. Go the extra mile beyond buying the car kit and dedicate a weekend to helping him put the shine on. Instant promotion to best grandchild ever.

These Genie gloves will not grant you three wishes but you’re going love gardening even more than before. Made with latex and polyester, digging and general gardening will be fun again without getting dirt involved in the fun.

Looking to encourage your grandfather to pick up gardening, this is exactly what you need for that birthday or Father’s Day. For all the must-have gardening tools of great quality, you also get a garden set caddy for carrying tools around. This might just be the beginning of a green revolution.

Gardening is fun when the shears are unabashed and without inhibition. These pruning shears cut with little effort and even self-clean the blades. Grandpa is going have a swell time growing his favorite flowers for grandma. It’s a great Christmas or token of appreciation for anyone with a green thumb.

Why walk when you can drive? The Garden scooter is ideal for tasks like planting a row bed, painting and other tasks that can benefit from increased mobility from a crouching position. Less crouching means less knee and back pains equals happier grandpa.

This gift set of three web belts come with an interchangeable buckle. That’s enough to rotate through for breakfast lunch and dinner. 100% cotton and able to adjust up to size 42 waists, these will do well to gird any set of grandpa loins and still look cool in the process.

The Garden Weasel Garden Claw Pro unlike its similarly named animal is trustworthy and is exactly what grandpa needs to deal with garden tasks. It requires no bending so it is back and knee friendly while easy to use and store. It requires no assembly so you don’t have to sweat over instruction manuals.

The RFID Men’s slim pocket wallet is the best of both worlds. Made from 100% soft genuine leather, it feels as classy as wallets should. It also comes equipped with today’s best security against digital pickpockets. The RFID blocker keeps your credit cards and passports safe from digital hijacking.

A high-quality manicure set is a must-have for the style-conscious grandpa. Small enough to fit into your briefcase or beach bag, the stainless-steel kit contains tools from nail clippers to cuticle cutter which should reduce your visits to expensive nail salons. The case is made from premium leather and fastens all the tools securely for safe keeping.

This is the ideal resting station for everything from key holders to rings to wallets and cell phones. It even has a nifty opening to let you dock and charge your phone overnight while you sleep. This docking station is the epitome of convenience as it keeps all your most important things in one place. It is also easy to dismantle and pack along when you’re going on a long trip and need to keep track of your belonging.