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Know someone who loves to hunt or go to the range?  These gifts for shooters will help them not only hit their target but also help keep their guns working like new.  No matter if the recipient is a pro or weekend hobbyist, we’ve done our best to make sure there’s something for everyone in this list!

This backpack is well padded to keep the strain off your hips and spine. There are five ample pockets, several mesh pockets, and it includes a way to safely carry your rifle. This is a great gift for the hunter.

Carry your ammo on the butt stock of your rifle. This will hold up to 9 cartridges. The cover keeps the ammo from sending off a tell-tale glare in the sun. Cover is Mossy Oak Infinity to help it blend in with your surroundings.

This Mossy Oak camo cover will keep your scope from being scratched, and look great at the same time. It is reversible if you prefer black vs the camo. Fits scopes up to 15” long and 56mm lens in diameter. This comes in small, medium and large.

Looking for premium earplugs? Look no farther. This is the highest rated pair you will find. These are remoldable to fit your ears perfectly. To use them, you place them in boiling water, then mold them to your ear. Custom fit for your ears means they stay comfortable.

Targets that are made for high visibility. These come in as small as a 10 pack up to a 100 pack. These are the ones used by law enforcement. The high contrast blue color allows you to see the target, and where your shots landed, even in dim light.

Shooting bag combo to hold your rifle steady. Heavy enough to use to ensure clean shots, but light enough to carry. Filled with corn cob material. Set of two, one for the muzzle to rest upon and one to hold the rifle butt.

Having a laser scope can help land the shots for mid-range shooting. This has a red and a green dot. The scope will fit numerous types of weapons, including handguns and rifles. Produces a micro dot on the target. Moisture and fog proof.

Synthetic leather palm that has “sensi-feel” so you can feel the trigger. These are a light weight pair of gloves that won’t get in the way of your firing. This has an Extreme-grip pad on the palm. The rest of the glove is made of neoprene to make them all weather.

Camco Collapsible Container

Keep base camp neat with this two foot tall bag that will hold up to a 33 gallon trash bag. It collapses down to 2 ½ inches to pack it in and out easily. It comes with a liner and a lid that zips fully closed.

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Made from 600dpi fabric to ensure that it is durable. All zippers are extra rugged, keeping you from having a blowout and losing half your expensive gear on the trail. There is a lot of space in this bag for everything from ammo to your weapon. This has a pouch for your weapon to protect it from scratches. You won’t be sorry you stored your gear in this bag.

Anti-fog, scratch resistant glasses are made from polycarbonate so they don’t break easily. They cover 99% UVB/UVA rays. There are soft nose pieces and rubber temple pieces to ensure all day comfort. These pass MIL-PRF 32432 High Velocity Impact Standards.

This vest has a removable Gel-tek recoil pad, plus cotton recoil pads to protect your shoulders. The sides are made from breathable mesh so when the heat is on, you keep your cool. Expandable pockets and ear protection loop complete this well thought out vest.

This cartridge bag made from high quality leather will hold between 100-150 total cartridges. Fits 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge. Wear it around your waist or use the included adjustable waist strap. Size:Approx 9.65″ x 7.87″ x 3.15″ Weight:1.19lb

This LimbSaver shooting pad is reversible for right or left handed shooters. It provides an extra layer of padding between the rifle stock and your shoulder. Good for those who have sensitive shoulders or a heavy kicker. LimbSaver recoil pads can be used in addition to this for even more protection.

This is for BB/pellet guns. The Crosman logo is on the targets. There are two sizes of targets and the targets spin when hit so you know instantly that you hit the mark without the need for a hike to check it. Durable and light weight, this will hold up to your practice.

This gun bag is built from PVC nylon and is made to last! There are multiple accessory pockets, this will hold most, if not all of you gear. Large enough for three long guns and 4 pistols, there is ample room to haul your gear safely. Case doubles as a shooting mat. The backpack straps mean this is a cinch to carry.

One of the most important thing to remember is to keep your weapon clean after firing. This kit includes everything you need to clean your long guns and your pistols. Brass rods, silicone cloth, lubricating oil, plus slotted ends that will fit a variety of weapons.