Are you looking for unique gifts for the hunters in your life?  We have searched high and low on the web to find some of the most unique and honestly cool gifts for hunters.  These hunting gifts would be great for dads, grandpas, teenager, and kids in the family.  Check out some of these great unique hunting gifts for the hunter in the family.

This is a great gift for hunters to be able to those deer or turkeys coming their way.  This is a light weight binoculars which makes it great for hiking into the woods and safely up and down your tree stand.

This is a cool unique gift for hunters and honestly there as a safety if and when you need.  This is a paracord gun sling that looks stylish and is an extra safety precaution if you need one while out hunting.

A weather proof bag is another great unique gift for hunters.  You never know when you may need to keep your things dry and also help with keeping odors from leaking out.

This Celtic knife honestly is just a cool gift to give the hunter in your life.  If he or she is into hunting then more than likely they are into knives as well.

Every good hunter needs a good hunting knife.  This is the Rambo of knives that will make any hunter go “ooohhhh”.  A great gift for the hunter in the family.

Another great gift for a hunter is camo, buy not just any camo will work.  This is a great unique gift that will make sure your hunter stays hidden.

Another useful and unique gift for your hunter is a paracord wrist watch band for their Apple Watch.  Just because they are hunters out in the woods, doesn’t meant they don’t have any style.

Help your hunter to keep their knives sharp and clean with this cool knife cleaning kit.

Not much to say here about this unique hunters gift.  This is a great gag gift that makes for the perfect stocking stuffer.

This lightweight tree stand is a great gift for the hunters in the family.  This tree stand is easy to move out into the woods and easy set up makes it a great gift for anyone in the family.

Allen Instant Roof Camo Treestand Umbrella, 57″

Hunting in the rain is not necessarily what hunters look forward to.  This hunting umbrella is the perfect gift for the hunter who doesn’t mind hunting in the rain, but doesn’t want to get soaked while doing it.

Hunters love camo and having camo underwear is a great unique gift for your hunter in the family.  Let your hunter know that you care about their comfort in the woods.

Keep you hunter warm with this great camo head cover.  This is a great gift to give to a hunter that you know they will use on a cold morning hunt.

This is a great gift for the hunter who wants to record their hunt.  This great gift serves 2 purposes in keeping the glare out their eyes while also recoding their hunt.  Pretty cool hunting gift.

Sitting outside for a long hunt can numb you bottom, but if it’s cold outside it can also freeze your butt off.  Great gift to help keep you hunter warm during the winter season.