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Tailgating on Saturdays in Auburn is held to high regards.  You don’t want to be known or be with someone whose tailgating is not up to par with everyone around you.  We have come up with must have Auburn Football tailgating gift ideas that will make your tailgate shine above the rest.  War Eagle!!!

Auburn Elite Chairs

No tailgate would be complete without a couple of chairs around for you and your family to sit in.  These all purpose chairs are easy to pack up and move around from tailgate to tailgate.  Also great for camping and anything where you need to post a chair up for a little while.

Auburn Iceberg Cooler

This is the perfect cooler to bring with you around on gameday.  Not only is it practical, but it looks great and awesome to showcase you team spirit.

Auburn Football Round Tailgating Table

This is an easy to move around table that can be utilized so many different ways.  It has a couple of cup holders and a great place to post up and eat some tailgate food.

Auburn Football 2×8 Tailgating Table

If you are really wanting to showcase your school spirit then this table is perfect for that.  It is great for playing games, hosting a buffet, and so much more.  Not only is it useful, its cool!


Auburn Football Cornhole Game Set

No tailgate is complete without Cornhole.  This is a fun game to get your tailgate popping.  If you love outdoor games then this is a must have and you might as well show off your school spirit.

Auburn Football Coleman 60 Quart Performance Cooler

This bigger cooler is great to hold or transports your food or beverages to the next tailgate.  This is a great cooler that will last you a lifetime.

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Auburn Football Rubbermaid Commercial 32 Gallon Trash Can

If you are in hosting BIG parties then maybe a keg is the way to go and you might as well show off your school spirit with this trash can.  If you are not into having kegs then this is a great trashcan that you can utilize for games or simply placing trash in.

Auburn Football Crazy Kover Koozie

It gets hot there while tailgating and you will need to make sure to keep you beverages cold and you might as well do that in style.  This cool koozie is a great conversation starter and does the trick in keeping your beverages cold.

Auburn Football Snack Helmet

Showoff your school spirit with having this cool helmet chip holder.  Have fun, show your school spirit all while doing some chip dipping.

Auburn Football 4 Piece Tailgating BBQ Set

What a great gift for the BBQ master in the family.  Show off your school spirit with this cool BBQ kit.

Auburn Football BBQ Apron

let everyone know who are rooting for while cooking.  This cool apron is a great way to show off your school spirit while staying clean for gametime.

Auburn Football 9 ft. x 9 ft. Canopy

Stay out of the sun and showoff your school spirit at the same time.  This is an essential item that you will wish you had at your tailgate on The Plains in Auburn and anywhere else you may travel that you want to stay out of the sun.

Auburn Football Throwback 3 x 5 Flag

Longtime true Auburn fans will appreciate this flag.  Let the neighborhood know and let the flag fly to keep track of your tailgate on gamedays.