Dallas Cowboys Gift Ideas for the Crazed Cowboys Fan

Dallas Cowboys fans are from all corners of the world and they love their Cowboys.  We have come up with some wonderful Dallas Cowboys gift ideas for the crazed fan in your family.  Here you will find a great starting point for Dallas Cowboys fans gift ideas.

Tailgating or cooking at home, your giftie will feel right at home. They can show off their pride and keep their clothes free of BBQ sauce while they whip up yummy half-time dishes.

Deep blue shirt, with the Cowboys star on the chest. This shirt is subdued enough to wear to a casual meeting while expressing their pride or to wear while doing errands. It’s a stylish shirt in a classic silhouette that will a man look slightly dressed up.

Grill up the half-time meal in style. There is a set of tongs, a meat fork, a basting brush aka sauce mop, and a spatula. Everything is colored in Cowboys colors, and includes the star to make sure no one is in doubt of which team is being rooted for at this house.

An awesome mug to keep their beer or other beverage of choice icy cold. They can put this in the freezer, then fill it full and drink it ice cold. This is a great choice, and the design on the mug is extra fancy, showing the field in the background.

No one better call this an “ugly sweater” in the hearing for the gal wearing it. If she is wearing this sweater, you know that she is a true fan of the Cowboys. This is the way to her heart, it will not only keep her warm, it will make her smile and think of you when she wears it.

Game days can be chilly. This blanket is ample to keep one or a pair of people warm. Cuddling while watching the game? It will help to ensure that your “not as into football as you” girlfriend into attending the game. It will double as a banner if held up.

A vintage look t-shirt that any man who loves t-shirts will appreciate. This shirt is great for wearing around the house, working in the garage or wearing out around the town. He can be sure that there is no doubt which team he supports.

Shop in style with this grocery bag that proclaims their favorite team. It is designed to look like a football jersey and the bag folds up to fit neatly inside a jersey shaped bag that is attached. Show him you understand that no man enjoys using shopping bags decorated with flowers or fluffy puppies and he will be much more likely to stop at the store for those items you forgot you need.

You might not have a clue who Nike Emmitt Smith is, but trust us, if your giftee is a Cowboys’ fan, he knows. (Hint, he is a hall of famer who played for 15 seasons and is now a sports broadcaster.) Your fan will be proud to have this jersey to wear or display in the man cave. Because it is available in many sizes, there is sure to be one that will fit your guy.

A long sleeve shirt that any Cowboys gal will love as a gift. This shirt has a design that is modeled after a jersey’s markings. It will look great on her. Let there be no doubt that you support her team by presenting her with this wonderful gift.

This is a great lightweight hoodie. It has a front pouch to help keep his hands warm. The hood will keep his head warm while at the game or tailgate party. It boldly says Dallas Cowboys across the front, so he doesn’t even have to open his mouth to say who he is wanting to make it to the Superbowl.


Do you have a quirky boyfriend? (Doesn’t everyone?) If the answer is yes, this Dallas Cowboys t-shirt is going to be a welcomed present. It has a sugar skull on the front that isn’t just any sugar skull. This skull is decorated with a Dallas Cowboys helmet and is in tones of blue and silver. Don’t pass this shirt up, she is going to love it. (Maybe even enough to agree to a man cave instead of a place to park the car.)