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For those of you who might have a pilot in their lives, be it a friend or a spouse or a family member, it might be difficult to find that special gift for him or her. Sure you could go with just a gift card but that be boring!. If you’re having trouble finding that perfect gift for the pilot in your life fear not as we’ve composed a list of the thirteen best gifts for pilots!

Have you ever run to the bathroom and forgot your phone or tablet and have to face the agony of sitting in the bathroom without anything to do? Even the best pilots face such obstacles and this handy book can relieve the issue of not having anything to do while relieving yourself. With plenty of stories and reports on aviation, pilots of all ages are sure to enjoy this book. You don’t even have to be in the bathroom to read it!

A nice new pair of socks on Christmas morning isn’t an ideal present as a child, but as an adult socks are an excellent gift. This three-set of socks are a lovely gift that will fit any pilot’s feet. With reinforced heels and toe, you can take comfort in knowing that these socks are made to last and aren’t just a cheap pair of socks.

If you feel like the pilot in your life deserves something special, look no further than this lovely decanter. Each one is handmade by skilled glassblowers, including the little P-51 on the inside. Placed on a handsome oak stand this high quality decanter is a perfect girl for pilots to store their favorite drink. Just remember to not drink and fly!

Some gifts don’t have to be big, fancy, and expensive. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that show you care. This key chain, made of high quality polished steel, is hand engraved with a special message wishing your pilot safe travels. Since everyone already uses key chains why let the pilot in your life use a cheap key chain instead of this high-quality one?

For pilots having a high-quality pen that doesn’t break is a must-have. If you want a gift for your pilot that’s a handsome pen and a self-defense tool, look no further! Designed by an American Veteran this pen can be used to not only write reports, but also to break glass or fight off attackers. Designed to survivor the rigors of extreme situations and just everyday life, this pen is an amazing gift for pilots in your life.

Luggage is as important to pilots as it is passengers. Instead of letting your pilot throw all their toiletries into one bag why not get them this stylish bag instead? Made of real leather and crafted by Italian fashion designers, this bad is easy to hang and easy to pack and features enough space for whatever toiletry items they need.

Hot drinks or cold drinks, having a solid thermal cup is a must-have. For pilots, nothing is worse than cold coffee on a long flight so make sure that their coffee stays nice and fresh as they fly! With four colors to choose from, each imprinted with “Live to Fly” these cups make a great gift for pilots who can use them all year long!

A classic book that has seen reprint over the years, Milestones of Flight features history of aviation along with stories and tales of the daring pilots and machines that faced the new frontier. From the first flights of man to the space race and modern air travel this is the definitive book on aircraft and flight.

Need a watch but don’t want to pay thousands for one? Look no further than this stylish and affordable watch. Imported from Japan, this watch can last a full six months on one charge! Water resistant and with an adjustable nylon band, this watch is a perfect gift for pilots who appreciate function over style but still prefer their watch to look good.

It should go without saying that flying is not an easy job and so instruments must be checked and monitored before the aircraft can even fly. To save your pilot from having to deal with a flimsy clipboard get them this knee board! With adjustable straps that fits over their leg, this is a perfect alternative to clipboards.

Much like socks a T-shirt isn’t the first thought when gifts are concerned. Worry not as this hilarious shirt can find practical use all year long. Coming in all sizes, this shirt is unisex and is perfect for pilots who need a casual shirt for when they’re in hotels during a layover or just enjoying their time off at home.

A nice hoodie makes a wonderful gift, especially during colder months. For pilots, who’s travels might take them to colder regions’ year round, having a hoodie and other warm clothes is indispensable. Coming in all sizes and being unisex, this hoodie with its charming slogan is a perfect carry-on item for any pilot to protect them from the cold.

Another option for a watch that’s both styling and practical. This watch was inspired by aviators and is for aviators! With a handsome leather band and watch hands that illuminate in the dark, this watch is a perfect gift for pilots who appreciate higher-end watches but also want one that’s functional and can meet their needs.