16 Texas Longhorns Gifts for Diehard Football Fans

As the Texas Longhorns kick off this year’s college football season, we’ve made it easy to find just the right gift for the Texas Longhorns football fan in your life.  From hats, t-shirts, games, mugs, tailgating gear and more,  these Texas Longhorns gifts are a must-have for anyone who calls themselves a football fan!  So make your gift shopping a little easier by browsing our top picks of essential Texas Longhorns Football gifts.

Can you really be a Texas Longhorns football fan and not have this t-shirt somewhere in your closet?  It’s a classic go-to in your wardrobe whether you are attending a game, or relaxing at home.  But with so much wear, it’s easy to get worn — so why not start a new football season with a fresh shirt!  After all, you can never have too many.

In today’s smartphone driven age, a true Texas Longhorns fan will display their pride on their phone as well.  This slim iPhone case is a great choice for those who want to show their school spirit and protect their smartphone.

No fan should go without a hat.  And this classic cap is both simple and comfortable, and is a welcome addition to any Texas Longhorns fan’s game-day wardrobe.

Even though it may not be very cold in Texas much of the year, a true Texas Longhorns fan will travel and brave the cold weather elsewhere to cheer on their team.  Stay warm with this emboidered beanie that shows off your pride.

No tailgate party would be complete without everyone’s favorite game!  Get your favorite Texas Longhorns football fan a version of this game just for them — and display your colors proudly during the next game-day tailgate party!

Speaking of tailgating, be sure you show up to the party prepared.  And this rolling cooler makes it easy for you to roll-up with the drinks and snacks everyone loves!

Every Texas Longhorns fan must have their own sweatshirt to wear on cold game-days, or to keep handy when traveling or just lounging around the house.  An absolute essential in a fan’s closet!

The truest of fans is going to display their pride loud and clear for everyone to see, and this flag does just that.

If a large flag isn’t your style, then how about this mini-garden flag?  Let all your neighbors know who you will be rooting for!

Coming to a party without a bottle opener just wouldn’t be right.   Save the day with this Texas Longhorns opener.  You’d be amazed at how often they come in handy!

Decorate your tailgating area with this vibrant rug, and ensure others make no mistake about who’s side you are one!

Any die-hard Texas Longhorns football fan is going to want to have their own copy of the history of their favorite team.

Everyone has a coffee mug for their favorite sports team.  But what we like about this Texas Longhorns mug is the contoured shape and modern logo design.  Much cooler than a typical coffee mug.

Show your off your team spirit anywhere you drive with this Texas Longhorns car window decal.  An easy way to display your pride.

And don’t forget the classic license plate frame.  All Longhorns fans and / or previous students should be rockin’ one of these on their ride.

And while we’re at it, how about this stylish 3-D auto emblem for Longhorns fans who want more than just an orange sticker on their car!

Does Your Texas Longhorns Football Fan Have all of These?

Those are our picks for the essential items that every Texas Longhorns football fan should have.  If you know a Longhorns fan, these are all great gift ideas that are sure to make them smile — and keep up their pride during this upcoming football season!