15 Awesome Gifts for Car Lovers & Motorheads

Whether your preference is foreign or domestic, inline 6 or V, or automatic or manual, this list of gifts for car lovers has something for everyone.  Get ready to learn how to fix your ride, increase your knowledge about your favorite brand, or just find another toy you can’t live without.  Here’s to the wind in your hair and satisfaction of finding the perfect gift!

Porsches set against great backgrounds, how can you go wrong giving a book like this? This book highlights many of best Porsche models and is sure to please a Porsche owner or a person who daydreams of owning one someday.

A dash cam that can shoot the front and the inside of the car at the same time? A camera that can sense a crash and record it? Count us in! This is a great gadget for the casual driver, delivery driver or car for hire type of driver. This is a great cam with many features. Sure to be a hit.

2.67 cc engine makes this a great item for the remote control enthusiast. This is not a toy, it’s a small car powered by remote control. This runs on special fuel, not batteries. This will allow your car lover to go 4x4ing without damaging their real life vehicle.

This makes quick work of draining the oil or other fluids from their car. It will hold 16 quarts of fluid and won’t leak it back out onto the garage or driveway. A great present for that diy grease monkey you know.

Driving gloves help to keep hands clean and neat while providing better grip on the wheel and stick shift. These are a pair of unlined gloves. Also great for keeping hands from becoming as tired on long drives by helping to reduce hand fatigue.

When they really, really love their car, this is the kit for them. The kit includes a chamois, tire wash, leather cleaner, car wash soap, tire care and car wax. Show them that you love (or at least pretend to) their car or truck as much as they do.

There are Legos for kids and then there are Legos for serious collectors. This would be the latter type of kit. This is a kit they build themselves, but it is an ultra sophisticated kit, that builds a Ferrari F1 racer with real working suspension and pistons.

A Shelby Cobra is one of the ultimate dream cars. It is on many wish lists. Now they can own their own, lots of assembly required, of course. A project they will enjoy doing, and then can proudly display on a shelf!

A mundane kit, but oh so needed for the car lover. Car lovers spend a lot of time on the road and this will help keep them safe. There are jumper cables, a tire gauge, wrenches, screwdrivers, a flashlight, etc… This kit is perfect for the commuter or the off road type.

This will help to keep them safe in an emergency. It has a seatbelt cutter and a hammer than can break glass easily. (Car windows are tougher than they look, ever watch “Cops”? It is rare that an angry arrestee can bust out the window with a kick.) This can be mounted to the inside of the car so it can be accessed in an emergency.

This will go great in the man cave or workshop. It can be used as a blinking light or a light that has just one color at a time. Either way, it is a mighty fancy accessory to their “space”. (Trust us, he will appreciate it far more than those frilly curtains you were going to sew for him.)

When they say dummies, they don’t mean for dumb people. They mean for people who weren’t born holding a wrench. This type of book makes it easy to understand what the mechanic just told you was wrong or to determine on your own what is wrong with your older car.

What is this mystery “computer” that your car has? How can you double check that the mechanic isn’t just making something up when they tell you that your car’s wiffle snoffle doohickey has burned out? Plug this in and *bam*, you have a far better idea of what is wrong with the car before you get out your debit card to pay to have it fixed.


Holds their phone safely and keeps it from becoming a projectile. This will also keep the GPS within easy reach, and keep them from getting a ticket for holding their phone while driving. (Yes, that is something illegal now in at least a few states!) The phone stays in a spot that makes it easy to read.  

First, it’s Nascar and Jeff Gordon. Second, did we mention Nascar? A Nascar puzzle will give the guys something to do in the man cave while waiting for the hazard flag to be lifted so the race can continue. Jeff Gordon fans will love this puzzle.